Reeling: 40th Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival 

Queer media is becoming more mainstream, but it can still feel like a treasure hunt when searching for a flick with nuanced representation. Enter Chicago’s 40th LGBTQ+ International Film Festival, serving up a bevy of full-feature and short films in-person and virtually all centered around LGBTQ+ experiences.

The film festival, which started on September 22nd and runs through October 6th, is teeming with options to sink your teeth into. Viewers can browse potential films by movie type (e.g.documentary, narrative) as well as by which parts of the LGBTQ+ spectrum each film captures (e.g. lesbian, transgender) and other core elements of each movie (e.g. middle eastern, person with a disability). 

If you’d rather catch a queer flick from the comfort of your home, an on-demand virtual catalog will be available on September 30th featuring many of the films being shown in theatres. Films are available to purchase a-la-carte for $10 per movie. The on-demand virtual catalog will be available until October 6th. 

From a riff on Freaky Friday involving a 9-year-old boy navigating the world in his babysitter’s body to a series of short films focused on the theme of finding one’s place in this world, there’s so much good to explore. 

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