Paper Machete at The Green Mill

The Green Mill is a spectacular venue in uptown that everyone must go to at least once (check out our piece on other Chicago Venues here).The bar opened in 1907 by Tom Chamales, first started out as a hotspot for many movie actors of the time filming at the nearby Essansay Studios. During the Prohibition Era, Green Mill then tied itself in with the mob, as “Machine Gun” Jack McGurn, a member of Al Capone’s outfit, became part-time owner. Capone and his pals frequented, even claiming a favorite booth that held a hatch to underground tunnels to evade the police. 

As the Prohibition Era ended, the Green Mill became a much more reputable jazz establishment, hosting a slew of legends including Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday on its Friday and Saturday nights. And while the Green Mill still hosts an array of artists throughout the week, one of the more spectacular events every Saturday from 3 PM to 5 PM  is a “live magazine” called “The Paper Machete.” Live Magazine… I know what you’re thinking… what is that? And how is it done? 

It’s really quite simple, actually. It’s two hours of performances by comics, journalists, poets and bands that create a show around commenting on news from the week. Not only that, but there is also a musical performance somewhere in the show. It’s two free hours of laughter, hot takes and extraordinary bops. First come, first serve but if you’re lucky, you get to spend the afternoon diving into topics that make you feel one with current events while grabbing a drink at a historic bar that serves cocktails for CASH ONLY. Maybe even try some Templeton Rye Whiskey in honor of Mr. Capone himself. 

The line-up varies from week to wek, allowing you to explore something new every time you go. From a new favorite band to a local Chicago comedian, The Paper Machete keeps you guessing. It’s something to look out for and check out on your next free Saturday. 

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