Chicago Tool Library

The possibilities of creation are endless and often the laundry list of things that need fixing around the house can feel that way too.

Enter the Chicago Tool Library (CTL), a Bridgeport-based space where individuals can borrow equipment for a wide variety of purposes. From gardening to woodworking, the CTL allows you to borrow the things you need to dabble in your hobbies, get things done, or simply try out something new.

True to its name, the CTL operates like a library where patrons receive a “library card” that can be used to check out items. The CTL subscribes to a “pay-what-you-want” model and encourages individuals who are financially able to pay an annual membership fee based on their income. If you aren’t able to pay you are still eligible for a library card which is the beauty of the CTL – community and access are at the heart of its existence.

You can see this focus in other parts of the CTL’s operations as well: it’s predominantly volunteer-run and encourages collective care by not charging individuals for late, missing, or damaged items. The CTL even has a “free section” where donated things such as saw blades and sandpaper are available for people to add to their permanent collections.

Take a virtual stroll through the CTL’s tool inventory here to get a taste of their offerings and learn more about the CTL membership process here. The CTL is located at 1048 W 37th St Ste #102. Gift memberships are also available if you’re looking to give someone the present of possibilities. 

Check out their Instagram here.

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